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Your cup is empty, but your plate is well and truly full. You’re on your feet most of the day, serving everyone else but you. You always have so much to do, and you’ve got little to no support. You’re drained, dissatisfied and even bitter.

But this is your life.

And you can find the solutions to your own problems.

Start by learning how to fill your own cup. This is the root answer to your fatigue, exhaustion and stress. Simple, self-care options that will re-energise you with longevity – carrying you through the ups and downs of Muslim mum life.

Following the great feedback from my first article on beating parenting burnout (How to Fill Your Cup, Keep it Filled & Stop Stressing) I promised I would write a shorter version with ready-to-implement, cup-filling ideas.

So today, I’m going to do just that, with 20 easy & effective ways to fill your cup, right now.

Keep reading to start powering your best mama-self, today.

How to Effectively Fill Your Cup – In a Nutshell

Before diving into a list of what may seemingly look like more ‘TO-DOs’, I want you to know why this isn’t like any other self-care list you may have come across.

While, it’s nice to believe that salon and spa therapy, or holidays and home-help are what’s needed to combat stress and burnout, you are probably here because you’ve tried it all or are unable to do any of it. Yet you’re still at a loss to why you cant stay energised.

You’re still suffering regular parenting-related stress, burnout and fatigue.

But the good news is, that by building at least a handful of the activities I list in this article, into regular habits, you will most definitely begin to experience (inshaAllah):

  • increased energy levels
  • greater patience
  • reduction in burnout
  • reduction in stress
  • empowerment & confidence to master your own life
  • freedom from feeling self-pity and powerless

This really does work – and rest assured you can trust my bold claims, because I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last decade. All while:

  • home-educating my 4 spunky & spirited kids
  • studying (Islam, Arabic, Qur’an, psychology, sociology, parenting & business)
  • working in my community
  • running entrepreneurial projects

You can find out more about how implementing the activities on this list will effectively fill your cup in my last article, but to keep things short here, we concluded that:

To truly fill your cup and keep it filled, you must build a balanced daily life, in which your innate human needs of mind, body, heart and soul, are met and fulfilled.

I finished ‘How to Fill Your Cup, Keep it Filled & Stop Stressing’ by laying out an easy, yet effective 4-step plan to get this new-found knowledge into action for you.

But today, as promised, I want to make it even easier.

I’m going to list 20 easy & effective ways to re-light your fire and get you re-fuelled and ready to serve your best-self.

Yes, that’s 20 ideas – 5 for each segment of your cup:

  • mind
  • body
  • heart
  • soul

Are you ready to finally find your best parenting-self?

Yes? OK, let’s go!

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