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See what my Ladies are saying:

"I found Mariya on Instagram. She put a post up about her 2 year old son at the time, about him having tantrums and everything getting too much. At that time i had a 2 year old too going through the same thing and I sent her a message. From there i followed her and interacted with her posts. When she started Mothers of the Future I thought I'll join as i wanted to be a better mum and do best by my kids. She was giving really helpful tips and advice.

I stayed till the end (of the first cohort) because although she helped with how to manage kids, and all the issues we go through with them, she also gave tips and advice about childhood trauma, how to change our mindset and be happy.

I would definitely recommend Mariya. I've have learnt so much from her. I've learnt to let things go and not take things so seriously because only stress and over thinking come's out of it. And I am more patient with my children and understanding. Especially with their emotions and feelings. I feel at ease."
mothers of the future muslim mothers support group
Mum of 2

Join my Mothers of the Future Community

You know your child needs you to be calm and connected. They need you to be devoted and attentive. They need you to validate their feelings, coach them to get on with their siblings, help out in the home and choose right over wrong.

But how can you do that when you need help managing your own feelings, developing your own determination, confidence and character?

How can you improve and succeed as a mother, without a support system that throughout time women have always had, until now…

You can’t.

manage emotions you and them

Does trying to use empathy, gentle techniques or the ‘right’ way to talk to your child, feel like slapping a plaster (band-aid) on to wound that doesnt seem to go away for good?

Overcome your triggers, trauma, emotional neglect and anxiety, so that you can finally be the mother you dream of, consistently.

Tranfsormative GROUP COACHING

1 – 2 live coaching sessions per month from a certified mental health therapist and Muslim family life coach. Using a balanced Islamic perspective, I bring you the ‘full package’ of dunya & akhira.


9 hours + of recorded audio trainings on specific topics, giving you answers to your most difficult questions. Be inspired and empowered on the go. No app required. No ads.


We use a privacy-centric app for you to discuss and and reflect on live sessions with like-minded women. This is optional. If you join, rest assured your private matters are safe with encryption and screenshots disabled.




1 – 2 live coaching sessions per month from a certified mental health therapist and Muslim family life coach. Using a balanced Islamic perspective, I bring you the ‘full package’ of dunya & akhira.

Build meaningful relationships with like-minded mothers. Use the group to reflect and discuss the live sessions with each other. Ask for help and

9 hours + of recorded audio trainings on specific topics, giving you answers to your most difficult questions. Be inspired and empowered on the go.


Nurture your mental health


Nourish your physical health


Cultivate emotional connection


Strengthen your faith in Allah

See what my Ladies are saying:

"I Feel extremely blessed to be part of such a supportive and non-judgmental group. Motherhood burnout is something I struggle with and since joining Mothers of the Future support group I have picked up so many useful tips on ways to manage my home to connecting with my children. What I love is how Mariya shares parenting tips with an Islamic perspective and is always so open and real about her own struggles."
mothers of the future muslim mothers support group
Mum of 2

Salam! I’m Mariya,

Certified NLP Practitioner, Mental Health Therapist & Transformative Family Life Coach, born and brought up in the UK.

I’m mum to 4 talented and spirited children, aged 4 through 14 and, I’m also an artist and community leader – co-founding a home-education group in my local area.

I’m driven to heal and empower the Muslim family after centuries of generational trauma. And I do this important work through coaching, writing and speaking.

A Personal Invitation

The people in your life who keep disappointing you are humans; no matter how much love we pour into them, (and they pour into us) whether they are our parents, spouses or children, they cannot consistently give us what we need, especially when they are in need themselves…

I couldn’t afford any more dark and down days and I’m sure neither can you. Allah blessed us with one life, with responsibilities and trusts we are answerable for.

Mothers of the Future is my personal invitation to you to finally overcome motherhood overwhelm. Join our special sisterhood today.

See what my Ladies are saying:

"Mariya is an amazing woman, her passion to help mothers is brilliant MashAllah, her strategies, support, tips and recommendations have impacted my life positively, my bond with kids have improved, there are no quarrels at dinner time or chaos in the house, I have in depth conversations with my kids now. When I joined her support group I was at loss, there was no connection between me and my kids, Alhamdulilah I have seen a lot of positive changes,we laugh and play together more. I would definitely recommend Mariya's work with 'Mothers of the Future' to mothers who are struggling emotionally, are finding themselves stuck and overwhelmed."
mothers of the future muslim mothers support group
Mum of 2

Here's What you're getting

LIVE ZOOM Group Coaching

1 – 2 live coaching sessions per month from a certified mental health therapist and Muslim family life coach.

encrypted suport group

We use the privacy-centric signal app for our support group. This is optional. But joining means you can have peace of mind your personal matters are safe (screen shots are disabled.)


9 hours + of recorded audio trainings on specific topics, giving you answers to your most difficult questions. Be inspired and empowered on the go. No app required. No ads.

Overcoming motherhood overwhelm Together

Super-Affordable Group Coaching

Finally learn how to achieve calm and connection with yourself, children & husband



cancel anytime

Joining Mothers of the Future helps me to continue supporting you

Empowering the Ummah by Overcoming the Effects of Intergenerational Trauma

Help me to continue serving You with:


Yes, I am a fully trained and certified NLP practitioner, Life Coach and 3P Mental Health Therapist.


Group coaching calls are one hour long between 8-9pm GMT (UK time.)


The group coaching calls are Live video calls held using the free Zoom app.

I aim to hold 2 calls a month (every other week.) Sometimes this is not possible. In such a case I will record a new audio training instead.

Yes definitely. I struggled with trauma and triggers for years. It had such a bearing on my life. I'm now completely free alhamdulillah. And know exactly how to help you achieve the same freedom from pain and trauma with the permission and help of Allah. If you're ready, please book your call now.

Oh alhamdulillah I've covered sooo many topics, a list wont do it justice. But here's an idea:

  • Strong-willed children
  • Angry, naughty children
  • Marital problems
  • Self worth
  • Children and chores
  • Working mums
  • Parenting boys
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Tantrums and meltdowns
  • 'Toxic' family
  • Anxiety & depression

I get it. Today life for Muslim mamas is exceptionally challenging.


But the way I see it, if you continue as you are, just about surviving the daily grind, always looking for time-out from your responsibilities, life will always be unfulfilling, depressing and stressful.


To get to where I am today, required me to finally prioritise my own healing and growth. I forced myself to turn off netflix, youtube, iplayer, all social media, group chats and even the news, and instead used every hour of 'me-time' on true self-care. I read, listened and wrote my way to the calm and connection I experience today.


I have 4 kids, I homeschool 3 of them, run this project and I'm developing a side-business. I manage to do that without any childcare. It's all about what you really want. I want to do the things I do every day. I have these goals and I'm dedicated to them. I'm dedicated to me.


If I want to feel calm and connected with my children, feel fulfilled and confident as a mother, then I damn well need to put my time and money where my mouth is.


All of our lives are different. Our challenges unique. But if you want things to change, you have to choose to change them. We all have an equal number of hours in a day. I'm sure if you really tried, you'd find the time. Make your intention for the pleasure of Allah and He will bless you and your time.


The sisters in our intimate group can also help you get there and so will my audio guidance.


It's time to invest in you mama xx



I get it, times are hard. I wish I could offer coaching for free and inshaAllah hope to do so in the future.

Being the children of previously colonised and enslaved nations, means making and saving money has always been a focus and priority.

We're not used to spending on our development.

I know signing up for coaching might be something new and different.

Maybe you're unsure if it's worth it.

Think about what you spend £10 a month on? Entertainment? Coffee or brunch with friends? Shopping? Beauty treatments? Books, toys & tuition for your children.

And that's not a bad thing. We spend our money on things that we think will help us.

What I'm inviting you to here is to spend money on your development.


Group coaching is an unmissable opportunity if you struggle with motherhood, marriage or mental health.

It's a fraction of the price you'd pay me for 1:1 coaching, but the benefits are the same.

I offer plenty of support and guidance for free via email and my free training.

So if  you're unable to or not ready yet to invest in your development, start there.

My ladies are thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from their time in our sisterhood and eagerly await each live session. I'd love you to join us.

Please pray istikhara before making your decision.

And remember if you really want to feel calm and connected with your children, feel fulfilled and confident as a mother, then you will need to invest time and money in yourself.

Alhamdulillah, being a charitable project and not-for-profit, means I can offer you this highly valuable resource for just £10 per month, whereas other coaches charge far more.

See what my Ladies are saying:

Screenshots taken with their permission


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