Assalaamu alaykum!

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We are the creators and founders of the fast selling Islamic picture book, ‘If Allah Wills’ and the empowering, practical parenting blog you’re on right now;

Dr Oz, created the story for ‘If Allah Wills’ when our eldest was just 3 years old and his wife, Mariya Khan (that’s me,) brought our lovable hero Faris to life as, its illustrator.

Parents and home-educators of 4 children, we live, love and laugh in Birmingham, UK.

Raising children to be strong, confident and well-balanced muslims is our life mission, not only for our own children, but for all muslim children globally.

(Dr Oz is also a business consultant by day and I (Mariya) am the the artist behind ‘The Handlettering Studio’.)

Our Passions

For every job in the world,  we study and learn, we go to college and university, and take courses and classes, in order to be the best at our future jobs and have successful careers.

Yet raising and nurturing children, is an equally (if not more,) important job given to parents, from Allah.

Our responsibility is not only providing them with a home, food, clothing and education, we are also responsible for their mental well-being, the development of their character and their ability to live successfully and confidently wherever they are.

When we realised that being a parent was a celebrated career in itself, we were able to break free from limiting perspectives and truly started to enjoy teaching, nurturing and raising our children.

We started parenting intentionally – educating ourselves to form solid foundations for our family and problem solving when faced with the challenges that parenting brings.

Our Goals aims to empower and equip Muslim parents across the globe, with practical parenting tools and essential resources that improve the nurturing and upbringing of Muslim children. We know, that as parents we are building the future and as Muslims we are custodians of the Earth. If we combine both responsibilities, we’ll be making a powerful change for good.

Parenting is the most important job you’ll ever do.