FREE Training for Muslim Mothers

How To Get The Life, Marriage & Family You Want

FREE Training for Muslim Mothers

5 Foundational Strategies

for a happy, loving & fulfilled life

Consisten tly & Confiden tly


“We’re waking up later than usual with even less time but I haven’t shouted once at all. Alhamdulillah thank you so much!”
Mum of 3, Manchester

some of The things you’ll be able to do after completing this free training:

  • Truly believe in yourself, your worth & capability, so you never feel ‘not good enough’ again and have the inner peace & confidence to achieve what you want despite failures, getting stuck & inconsistency.


  • Know how to easily nurture healthy, strong relationships with your husband and children without the hard work that everyone says marriage & parenting needs. Yes, even with your challenging teens, stubborn tweens & tantrumming toddlers!


  • Feel empowered and good about being a mum, motivated everyday so you can easily get out of bed in the morning with clear and meaningful purpose.


  • No longer wishing and making dua for your husband or children to change, because you know how to effortlessly guide the people you love to change themselves.

Salam! I’m Mariya...

… trained NLP life coach and mum of 4 ‘adults-in-training’ aged from 4 – 14.

When I became a mum, I was full of love & hope. Despite the baby blues, I wanted to do my best with dreams of raising strong, happy, Muslim children.

6 years in and 3 children later anxiety and depression controlled my life. I got triggered, shouted a lot, lost control and would break down repeatedly.

I was scared of the negative impact I was having on my children, and believed unless I broke out of the toxic cycle, I was setting my children up for trauma they’d need to heal from.

Now, years later, I have overcome the fear, self-hate and overhwhelm, by the mercy and favour of Allah.

I no longer get triggered. I’m the master of my thoughts and emotions, (not the servant) and I enjoy nurturing and serving my family, no matter what.


For this miracle I am immensely grateful.

Which is why it’s my mission to help struggling Muslim mothers, so you can create calm within yourself, your relationships and your home and allow warmth, good feelings and wisdom, to help your family thrive, interdependently.

Sign up for this free training now if:

  • You regularly feel angry, anxious and down and want to break out of it

  • You find it hard to stay calm with your kids, let alone really connect with them, and you want to feel close and loving with them

  • You get overwhelmed, have break downs and sometimes cry to yourself at night and want to feel empowered, confident and full of self-worth so you no longer need approval and praise from others

  • If you get into power struggles and arguments, lose your cool but want to feel secure enough to tap out of arguments, stay calm no matter what and have the wisdom to know what to do instead
  • Here's What you're getting

    1 hour+ focused audio training

    25 page value-packed workbook

    Continued support via my email list


    So grateful to Mariya for this training, it’s had a huge impact on my daily life and relationships. It’s helped me be more understanding towards my husband and create a deeper connection with my children.

    I love how Mariya connects what she teaches to our Deen and way of life.

    I’m more confident in my role as a mother and see the immense value this role brings not only to my family but to the ummah as whole.

    Applying what Iv learned from Mariya has enabled to just let go of all unnecessary pressure, for the first time i finally feel at peace with myself, life just feels lighter and more enjoyable.
    Mum of 2, Birmingham
    how to stop being angry with your kids

    Have questions?

    This training is free, and always will be inshaAllah along with lots more resources I create, because I know I must use the knowledge and guidance Allah gave me to help the mothers of our Ummah. Mothers are powerful influencers of change and I want to help you harness that power to create a better future.

    Honesty, transparency and integrity are very important to me.

    I know how it feels to sign up to something free, get very little value and instead be told to get real change you need to purchase X for £££££££!

    That’s not me. There is no sales pitch on this training and neither was that the goal.

    This is a full and complete training. It’s a mini-course.

    With the intention to help everyone, regardless of where you are in the world and how much wealth you have. Self-development should always be free. I never want to cut anyone off from that.


    Sisters ask me for more personalised help all the time. 

    I do offer 1-2-1 coaching which I charge for. (This is how I can support my family and invest back into the They Are Our Future project, for the development of our Ummah and the world.)

    If you want me to personally coach you, email me:

    Inserting your email address allows me to add you to my email list.

    The intention for this is to continue helping you on your journey after you’ve completed the free training.

    Email is where I really get to connect with you and help you with on-going support. I share insightful stories, knowledge, how tos and lots more that will help you build on what you’ve learned today with further insights and realisations.

    Signing up to my email list also means you won’t miss out on all my motherhood and marriage goodness when, if you’re like me and so many of my students, you get fed up of social media and delete the app from time to time.

    For transparency, I will share details of any courses, trainings, blog articles or other products with you, as well.

    So, if you want:

    • Calm & connection
    • To feel in control
    • To be responsive and not reactive
    • Inner peace
    • To unlock your own wisdom
    • Enjoy being a mum and wife
    • Reduce/de-intensify meltdowns and tantrums
    • Feel fulfilled and full of purpose & intention
    • Stop being angry, feeling anxious and down
    • Feel confident and comfortable
    • To be a nurturing, loving mother

    Take this moment as a sign, maybe an answer to a du’a you’ve made. Everything happens for a reason.

    I know you can create the life, marriage and family you want, and I’m going to show you how.

    FREE Training for Muslim Mothers

    5 Foundational Strategies

    for a happy, loving & fulfilled life

    Consisten tly & Confiden tly