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Unfortunately, dear sis, just being a Muslim doesn’t automatically tick the ‘spiritually fulfilled’ box.

Did you know, all great thinkers, who searched for the true purpose of our existence, concluded that as humans, we have an intense need, to believe in and rely on something greater than ourselves?

It is only through this deeper, more purposeful connection, that we can attain a balanced level of peace, security and calm – unachievable in any other way.

So sis, if your salah feels like mere motions; a burden rather than a revitalisation, then it’s about time you realised your soul is probably starving.

But the good news is, that you can transform that and both boost your emaan and re-energise your soul. All it takes is commitment to creating powerful, soul-enriching habits.

Are you in? Try starting with these:

1. Morning & evening adhkaar (zikr/Remembrance)

In my previous article I went into detail about how meditation and Islam are interwoven. Meditation & mindfulness combined, mirror the khushu’ required for salah.

But we also have the sunnah of starting and ending our days with words of remembrance.

Sit and read/recite these du’aas after Fajr and ‘Asr salah, as mindfully as you can manage (read or memorise the meanings.) Making a habit of making adhkaar every morning and evening, has changed my life. I’m explicitly and consistently, asking Allah to bless my day and my night, as well as praising, glorifying and thanking Him. How perfect is our Deen?

Click here to see my favourite authenticated du’a book.

2. Make du’a in sajda

Even though I’m a big advocate for being the change you want to see and taking control of your own life with the choices and actions you make, we all know that ultimately this life is going to be filled with test after test. We are going to struggle, but we can find respite in this struggle, through submitting to and truly relying on Allah, our Lord. Do you trust Him? Lower yourself before Him and cry your silent hopes out to him in sujood.

“The closest a person can be to His lord is in prostration… so make supplication then.”

3. Get mindful in your salah

Pray with the intention of connecting your soul to Allah. Force the flurry of thoughts the shayateen bombard you with in salah, out of your mind, and keep refocusing on the fact you are standing here, for no other reason than to be with your Lord. Relieve all your stresses, worries, anxieties and fears to the One who has ultimate control over them. Hand it all over to Him. He’s got you.

Try to make the most of the prayers you perform when your children are asleep or elsewhere. Spending that spiritual time alone with yourself is an invaluable way of re-energising yourself.

4. Recite/read Qur’an

Let our perfect Guide be the light leading your life. It is said that a day wouldn’t go by that Uthman ؓ did not look into the mus’haf (Qur’an). There can be so many powerful intentions for reading the Qur’an:

  • Attaining the pleasure of Allah
  • Seeking a cure (shifaa’)
  • Increasing the barakah in your life
  • For guidance
  • For reward
  • For forgiveness
  • For comfort or relief from pain

Power-up your me-time and ‘look into the mus’haf’ regularly.

5. Listen to or watch an Islamic lecture or reminder

Quick and easy to do, but spiritually uplifting too. Try to follow and subscribe to Islamic pages and channels on your social media in order to balance out and hopefully overpower, the negative, unwholesome and draining information flooding your mind every day.

Remember the key to filling your cup is all in your mindset – in the power of being present. Fulfilling the needs of your mind, body heart & soul through the activites listed in this article, will only prove effective IF you’re mindful about it.

May Allah help us achieve our goals and make our emaan the wind beneath our wings.


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