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The Last 10 days of Ramadan are almost upon us. Keeping up the level and energy of ebaadah we started Ramadan with is not so easy, especially as multi-tasking mamas.

Which means most of us have probably been going through a mid-Ramadan slump, myself included (thanks @mamateachesme / mamateachesme.com for the great descriptor).

I don’t need to tell you that outside of Ramadan, outside of these last 10 days of Ramadan, we’re so swept up in our everyday lives, coping whatever we can, that it’s so easy to accumulate sin and in strip our lives from barakah and ease.

But you have to know that these last 10 days and nights of Ramadan are like gold. An opportunity for cleansing, forgiveness, blessings, and reward. Prioritise making the most of these last 10 days above everything else.

Keep reading to unlock 7 ways to make the most of the Last 10 days of Ramadan…

1. Recommit to your intention & get mindful

Did you start Ramadan with excitement, energy and motivation?  Have you seen those things slump over the past week or so? If you have, you’re not alone. It’s actually natural and to be expected.

If you feel like you haven’t got any energy to level up for these last 10 days of Ramadan, then before you do anything else, read my guide on how to fill your cup and keep it filled. Because to make the most of the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan, you need to reinstate, or just plain create, balance in your life (mind, body, heart and soul).

Only then will you be ready to recommit to, or if you haven’t already, then make a solid intention for what you hope to achieve by the end of Ramadan. You need to have that objective, that goal and intention in place if you really want to make the most of these last 10 most blessed days of Ramadan.

And then just slow down, cut out extra noise and focus on anything and everything you do. Be mindful by tuning into your senses and find contentment, peace and pleasure in your tasks and activities. Everything can wait, even the reason why you are sad, anxious or angry. Put it all on hold. Make temporary peace if you must.

Focus on your Rabb, your Rabb, your Rabb.

All the answers and solutions you seek are with Him anyway. These days will not be coming back for another year, and who knows if you’ll be alive to experience them?

eid preparation how to make the most of the last 10 days of ramadan
Free downloadable eid decorations pack from LittleWingsCreative.com @little.wings.creative

2. Get your Eid prep done Early

Every year I dread the clash of Eid prep and ebaadah. The precious hours of Ramadan slip away as I browse online and hit the shops seeking out Eid clothes, gifts and decorations.

But not this time inshaAllah. In these last 48 hours before the last 10 days arrive, I’m focusing my efforts on getting that all done and out of the way. Even if it means things wont be perfect. Something is enough and 2 days should be enough too to get it all done too. And you will if you really value the end of Ramadan. (Which you should, if you want everything you say you do).

Next year get this done before Ramadan even starts. You’ll thank me for it.

how to make the most of the last 10 days of ramadan schedule template

3. Nail down a solid routine for you & your kids

At the start of Lockdown I published 3 posts on how a flexible schedule is the first and most important thing you need to cope with the massive changes it brought us.

I also told you how it’s natural and normal to sway from time to time from the schedule, but to keep using it as an anchor to pull you back on course again.

Now’s the time to do that, and if you haven’t made one already, click here to learn how to make one in minutes.

Things to prioritse:

  • Naps or snooze time. I know it’s not practical for most mamas to get a nap everyday, but just dosing with your eyes closed for a while has benefit too
  • Your kids waking and sleeping routines
  • Your waking and sleeping routine.
  • Downtime away from your kids (even if that means selective screen time, just turn off the music, and replace cartoons with games)
  • Reconnecting with your family (click here to learn how)

Try to keep everyone’s routine the same. My kids (2, 9, 11 and 13) wake with us between 10 and 11am. We have nap/down time everyday around 5-7pm and sleep after isha. My husband and I will stay awake for tarawih and wake up earlier inshaAllah in the last 10 for tahajjud (or stay awake until fajr). This way you make sure you’re getting enough sleep and your kids aren’t waking up too early.

My 2 year old sleeps from just after maghrib and iftar. He doesn’t always sleep through, which means often I’ll pull him into our bed at night. As long as we’re all sleeping that’s what matters in these last 10. I don’t want the stress of sleep training now. Its all about priorities.

cut onions prepared in bags for the last 10 days of ramadan

4. Simplify, prep & plan

Cook for 2 days, chop your weeks onions in one go and make simpler meals; Ramadan is about curbing our desires as it is, and Eid is around the corner so don’t worry about your cravings (and everyone else’s too). Do whatever you can to reduce your DAILY chores.

Plan the meals, plan your kids snacks, just quickly on a piece of paper. The key is practicality. By simplifying, preparing and planning you’re reducing stress (don’t we all need that!) and freeing up your time to make the most of the Last 10 days and nights of Ramadan.

5. Sign out of/limit your social media & turn off the TV

I planned to do sign off IG at the start of Ramadan but did not succeed. For me 3 things stopped me from my goal:

  1. A lot of people benefit and need the advice and tips I share and with Ramadan plus lockdown I felt irresponsible withdrawing that help for so long.
  2. I still needed some socialisation, which is pretty hard to get in Ramadan let alone in Lockdown
  3. I had 2 boxes of If Allah Wills sitting in my garage and felt sad not putting on an eid sale for you guys. That little book is why theyareourfuture.com started and it signifies the reason behind all the work I’m doing here. For our children, because they are our future.

So with those things in mind, I am inshaAllah completely signing out of IG for the rest of Ramadan. For my socialisation needs, I will turn to whatsapp and facetime, I wont promote If Allah Wills further but will process orders behind the scenes inshaAllah and I hope that whateve content I have already published both on IG and here on our blog will be enough to keep you guys going inshaAllah.

What about you?

Think about why you are on social media. Can you replace the socialisation with something else and just sign out for 10 days? Do you realy need to be inundated with tiktoks, memes and regular updates on every other influencer’s life? Or do you need to keep a tab on your own life and what you are doing.

Honestly, these last 10 days are not a time for entertainment.

We’re preventing ourselves from food and drink for goodness sake, think about why? To learn self control, to achieve taqwa (when you are aware, mindful and conscious of Allah that you fear Him enough to stay away from bad and love Him enough to keep doing as much good as you can). Let’s face it, beyond any good we gain from IG most of our feeds and explore pages are littered with haram.

Protect your eyes, ears and mind at least in these last 10 days and nights of Ramadan. And seek your Rabb’s mercy, pleasure, forgiveness and blessings.

clean your home before the last 10 days of ramadan

6. Refresh your home and prayer clothes

Like many of you did for the start of Ramadan, refreshing your home and prayer clothes will set the right atmosphere, mood and intention for these last 10 days.

Don’t over burden yourself. Just a quick tidy, wipe down and laundry run will suffice. Try to motivate your kids to get involved as much as you can it will help create a buzz and reignite excitement for the last days of Ramadan.

I motivated my kids by saying once they’ve got their room tidy and vacuumed we could sit and pick out the Eid gifts they wanted to get for each other and their friends!

Beautful photo by Fatemah Khaled @fatma.khaled91

7. Make a dua list & increase your ebaadah

Finally to really make the most of the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan, you obviously need to up your ebaadah game. Having got most things in order, planned, prepped and organised, you’re more likely to get the time and energy to achieve your ebaadah goals.

This Ramadan, inspired by @imanblogs / andthenshesaid.com, I’m going to write up du’aas I always want to make but forget whilst I’m actually in sujood, before breaking my fast and in witr especially.

Here are 12 ideas for ebaadah in these last 10 days and nights:

  1. Tarawih
  2. Tahajjud
  3. Read quran
  4. Read the translation or tafseer
  5. Morning and evening adhkaar
  6. Salat Ad-Duha
  7. Sunnan
  8. Adhkaar after each salah
  9. Give sadaqa
  10. Birr al-walidayn
  11. Teach your children
  12. Play with your children
how to make the most of the last 10 days of ramadan with children

To Conclude

Motherhood is tough enough as it is. Let’s use these last 10 days of Ramadan, this remaining precious time, to fill the rest of our year with as much barakah and ease as we can. Use these Last 10 days for dua, for reward-reaping and for bringing your family together and closer to Allah.

Preparing, planning, simplifying, recreating balance in your home and life and reconnecting with your children and family will help you make the most of these last 10 days inshaAllah.

If this article has helped you, let me know in the comments and please feel free to share with anyone who needs these 10 tips to make the most of the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan!

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