Islamic Picture Book – If Allah Wills!


  • FUN – Colourful & imagination-rich Islamic picture book for Muslim children.
  • WHOLESOME – Effortlessly embeds in your child a strong love for Allah, the Ka’bah, parents and Islam.
  • ISLAMIC – A picture book with humour, adventure and Muslim morals
  • CHILD-CENTERED – Told through your child’s eyes, with no big, complicated words & no forced rhyming!
  • ENGAGING – Muslim children’s favourite bedtime story around the world
  • UNIQUE & REFRESHING – You wont mind reading this story over and over again

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A unique and refeshing picture for Muslim children.

Faris wants to go to the Ka’ba, but it’s so far away and it’s nearly his bedtime. Can Faris get to the Ka’ba and back in time for his bedtime story? If Allah wills! This is a wonderful story of innocence and imagination. Every page has been designed with a child in mind and provides fun scenes to inspire both children and adults. Beautiful watercolour illustrations add vibrancy to the story for you to enjoy, and themes like love, kindness, and prayer are interwoven throughout, providing talking points for you and your child. The perfect addition to a young Muslim child’s life.

An imaginative Islamic picture book with vibrant & engaging illustrations

In a world where children are more confused & insecure than ever; lacking confidence, self-esteem, identity & purpose, the only way to override the external influences is to be a responsible parent, take control and provide the right alternatives for your child.?

The simplest step you can take, is to provide your children with wholesome and Islamic influences through – books, cartoons, toys & magazines.

This is why we created ‘If Allah Wills’ – a picture book that looks and reads just like an ‘ordinary’ story from the library or school:
?A picture book which subtly yet joyously promotes your Islamic culture, beliefs & lifestyle.
?A picture book which has now become a best-loved bedtime story for so many little Muslims around the world.


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