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You know your child needs you to be calm and connected. They need you to be devoted and attentive. They need you to validate their feelings, coach them to get on with their siblings, help out in the home and choose right over wrong.

But how can you do that when you need help managing your own feelings, developing your own determination, confidence and character?

How can you improve and succeed as a mother, without a support system that throughout time women have always had, until now…

You can’t.

manage emotions you and them

Instagram posts and blog articles are a start, but often when you try using empathy, gentle techniques or the recommended ways to talk to your child, it can start to feel like slapping a plaster (band-aid) on to wound that doesnt seem to go away for good.

Join me to transform yourself for good. Overcome your triggers, trauma, emotional neglect and anxiety, so that you can finally be the mother you dream of, consistently.

Choose what suits you, whatsapp or facebook. Let’s grow.


In exchange for free group coaching and support, the only requirements for joining this group are:

1. You must regularly engage, discuss and contribute where appropriate in the group and introduce yourself upon joining.

For the mental health of myself and other members,
I will not tolerate stalkers and lurkers.

2. You must be committed to doing the work required to change. This group is supportive but not just a shoulder to lean on when you need to let off steam. Members are here to work hard, keep trying and transform themselves and their habits. If you’re not prepared to do that, this group isn’t for you.

3. Support my work where you can. Online social culture has taught us that taking without reciprocation or gratitude is normal and okay. But as Muslims, a cornerstone of our faith is gratitude. To help me sustain this project, please consider becoming a patron and if that is not possible, then please engage with my content on social media and elsewhere.


Not ready to Commit to a group?

But still want to overcome your triggers & improve your parenting?

I know not everyone is ready to commit to an active group. Some of us are shy, private or suffer from anxiety and depression. For this reason, I’m opening up my private podcast (audio notes created for my private group members) so that you can benefit too. Instead of engaging in an active group, purchase my full Audio Library:

Unlimited Access to the Complete Audio Library

7+ hours unique and Islamicly-centred audio content, dedicated exlusively for Muslim mamas in the 21st century. No ads. No apps. Just pure quality audio.