Mothers of the Future Audio Library

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Extensive, full-length audio notes answering the most-asked questions by Muslim mothers like you

Inspirational and refreshing to consistently motivate you towards success as a mother

Motivational and relatable

Informative & knowledge-based covering hot-topics like ‘How to Stop Being Angry with your Kids’,

  • How to get your kids to listen
  • How to be a calm and patient mother consistently
  • How to stop being angry with your kids
  • How to beat burnout for good (crucial during this pandemic)
  • How to transform your marriage
  • How to gain your child’s cooperation, including your teens too!
  • How to build a strong, stable and healthy family (as opposed to toxic!)
  • How to nurture and raise confident, God-fearing and successful Muslim children (in deen and dunya)
  • How to overcome trauma, neglect, anxiety and depression
  • How to become consistent in being the best mother your children need
  • How to reclaim and take ownership of motherhood and in doing so gain complete fulfilment and satisfaction from your difficult role
  • Plus so much more

Instantly listen to the Mothers of the Future Audio Library.


Assalamu alaymum, my name is Mariya, UK based mama of one daughter and 3 strong willed sons.

I’m on a mission to support, teach and empower struggling muslim mothers to finally become a calm, patient and connected parent – consistently, inshaAllah 🌿

Gain access to all episodes of my private, members-only podcast in this value packed Audio Library, where I answer the most-asked questions about all things muslim woman, parenting and marriage.


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