Why We Made a Picture Book

The aim for our first picture book (and hopefully more to come inshaAllah) was always to fill a gaping void for our under-served Muslim children, by naturally representing their Islamic lifestyle, identity and culture through ordinary, light-hearted and fun books.

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We wanted to give Muslim children (and Muslim parents!) something that would look and read just like the ones brought home from nursery and school or picked up from the library and shops. BUT we wanted our books to contain characters and themes with Muslim names, Muslim identities, Muslim characters, Muslim lifestyles and Muslim experiences.

Our goal is to help Muslim children:

    1. Feel more pride and confidence in themselves

    2. Grow up not feeling different as we did

    3. Have a higher sense of self-esteem and self-worth, resulting in lower mental health difficulties

We want to normalise Islam just like everything else is normalised โ€“ (think of all the books about Christmas, Easter, birthdays etc.) To make something a norm โ€“ not different or unusual, you need to have it represented in every day life, through every day activities and every day things.

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